Evidence Locker: Why James Harden should win back to back MVPs

First of all lets offer a huge shoutout to James Harden for his historic tear, and for willing the Rockets back into contention. Really it’s a credit to both his ability on the court and his crazy work ethic behind closed doors. Not only has he shattered records almost night in and night out, but... Continue Reading →


Quarterback Dilemma in Tampa Bay?

In the offseason, Jamies Winston was suspended three games for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy. Those three games would be against the Saints, Eagles, and Steelers, all against teams that made the playoffs last season. Things weren't looking good for the Bucs, who missed the playoffs in 2017. However, two weeks in, the Buccaneers... Continue Reading →

2018-19 NFL Award Predictions

Who's hyped for some football? The wait is finally over and the time has almost arrived! With that being said it's time to make some award predictions for the 2018-19 NFL season kicks off, so without further ado here are my picks: MVP - Drew Brees is still playing fantastic football, he has showed no... Continue Reading →

Why the Los Angeles Clippers should pursue Kevin Durant next summer?

First of all I think it is safe to say that the Clippers are back to being the little brother in Los Angeles. No matter how tough the western conference is, Lebron James has proven time and time again that regardless of how the rest of the roster looks, any team with him on it... Continue Reading →

Let’s Settle The Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum Debate

I think there are a number of good arguments either way that make this interesting, let's examine that: Kirk Cousins has more years under his belt so you might say he's the easy choice but let's look deeper. Case actually enjoyed some success on a Texans team with very little support, but his real big... Continue Reading →

Who Will Be A First Time NBA All Star In 2019?

The NBA season is never over for long, by the time the Draft rolls around you’re nearly ready for a whole new season - and if like me you’re also a fan of the NFL that helps the wait seem even shorter! That being said as the new season approaches here are some players that I... Continue Reading →

What Does The Future Hold For Both Kawhi Leonard & DeMar Derozan?

I actually detailed on my Instagram in the post where I broke the news, my feelings on what this means for both players. I think Kawhi has shown that he is both stubborn and willing to sit out (to get his way of playing in LA). He's already expressed he has no desire to play in Toronto... Continue Reading →

What Does Lance Stephenson Bring To The Lakers?

We all love Lance Stephenson, whether it’s his charisma and on the court antics, his style of play or his fantastic playmaking there is not a lot to hate about Lance, unless you’re guarding him! Lance, on his day, can be your biggest strength. Sadly he can also be your biggest weakness. He is streaky... Continue Reading →

What Effect Does LeBron’s Move To The Lakers Have On The NBA?

LeBron James is the latest superstar heading to Hollywood. The holy grail of basketball, which has housed many a legend such as Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. The 4-time MVP will take his talents to LA, hoping to bring them some stability and maybe even a ring or two. It's an exciting time... Continue Reading →

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